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Meet Líneas Romero

History and Tradition

Lines Romero is a family owned and operated company founded in 1930 by Jorge M. Toledo. It was established as the first maritime postal mail company that connected the island of La Graciosa with Lanzarote, in the Canary archipelago.

In its beginnings, it had a simple rowing boat that transported mail between these two beautiful islands in the Atlantic, near the African coast. The postal business was inherited by the daughter of Jorge M. Toledo, Juana González Toledo, who later married Juan Romero.

In 1970, Juan Romero took over the management of the company and changed its name, also expanding the services it offered. In 1985 his four children inherited the business: Luis, Juan Jorge, Federico and Rosa Romero, who are currently in charge of the company. The Romero family still resides in La Graciosa and, although their business has not stopped growing, their values remain intact. They love their job and their island above all else and their passion has led them to success.

The future ahead

The Romero brothers have grown up in La Graciosa, they love this land, its wild landscape and its marine smell. For all this, they are aware of and respect the environment and the nature that surrounds them to the maximum. The Romero Lines company meticulously complies with environmental regulations and promotes sustainable tourism.

Lines Romero is today a recognized company with 100% local capital. It has a regular service of maritime lines between the islands of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and La Graciosa. In addition, it also offers excursions and tourist experiences with specialized guides between the Canary Islands, such as cruises in boats with marine vision, sailing catamarans and various water activities.

The family business is also committed to new technologies. Its liner ships are fast, modern and have the latest technology. They all have free Wi-Fi connection.

Lines Romero continues to reinvent itself with new projects to surprise its customers day by day.