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Learn about the history of Líneas Romero

Tradition and innovation are the hallmarks of Líneas Romero. It’s a family business engaged in the passenger ship industry which has been bringing the easternmost islands of the Canary Islands together since 1930

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It all began when Jorge M. Toledo founded Líneas Romero, turning it into the first company providing sea mail postal services between La Graciosa and Lanzarote. At first, the company only had a simple rowboat that brought mail between these beautiful islands in the Atlantic. It was a vessel dedicated to the postal business, and it was inherited by the daughter of Jorge M. Toledo – Juana González Toledo – who later married Juan Romero.

It was in 1970 when Juan Romero took over the reins, expanding the company’s service offerings. Juan headed Líneas Romero until 1985, when his four children inherited the business: Luis, Juan Jorge, Federico and Rosa Romero, who run the company at present. The Romero family still live on La Graciosa and although their business has grown, their values have remained the same. They love what they do and their island above all, and their passion has led to an impressive track record of success.

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The Romero siblings grew up on La Graciosa and love the island, its untamed landscape and the smell of the sea with a passion. This is why they’re aware of the importance of protecting the island and keeping its environment and natural resources intact. It’s for this reason that Líneas Romero strictly comply with environmental regulations and promote sustainable tourism.

As of today, Líneas Romero have regular ferries between the islands of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and La Graciosa. We also offer unique tours and tourist experiences, such as sailing catamaran trips to explore the islands and engage in different water activities. A waterbus service is also available, which is the most comfortable way to travel between Puerto Calero and Puerto del Carmen (Lanzarote).

Líneas Romero are firmly committed to innovation, continuously reinventing themselves and offering new services to meet users’ needs. We also renew our fleet on a regular basis, to have faster and more modern ships boasting the latest technology.

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