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Book your return bus transfer with your ferry ticket and save!

When you buy your ferry ticket from Lineas Romero, for a few more euros you can book a return bus transfer, from the airport to Órzola.

The shared bus transfer service provides a pickup at Cesar Manrique Airport, Lanzarote, Terminal 2, with a non-stop service direct to the ferry terminal at Órzola. Here you pick up the ferry to La Graciosa island.

The Lineas Romero bus is clearly marked, and is parked outside the airport arrivals hall.

On your return, the bus will be parked in front of the disembarcation point.

Bus icono azul Transfers schedules

12:10h Airport (T2)
13:30h Ferry: Órzola - La Graciosa
14:00h Arrive to La Graciosa

16:40h Airport (T2)
18:00h Ferry: Órzola - La Graciosa
18:30h Arrive to La Graciosa
12:30h Ferry: La Graciosa - Órzola
13:10h Bus Órzola
14:00h Arrive to airport (T2, aprox.)

17:00h Ferry: La Graciosa - Órzola
17:40h Bus Órzola
18:30h Arrive to airport (T2, aprox.)

Book online and beat the queues

When you book here, you will receive a booking confirmation and boarding cards for the ferry by email. You can board the ferry immediately, without having to queue at the ticket office.

Bus icono azul
Mapa de aeropuerto a Órzola