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La Graciosa excursions

Discover what to do in La Graciosa

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Live a day of adventure on a wild island

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Discover an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a pirates’ shelter for centuries. Live your own adventure in a wild land. Visiting La Graciosa is the magic ingredient that will make your holiday in the Canary Islands unforgettable. With Líneas Romero it is very easy, comfortable and fun.

Do you want to be a protagonist of an incredible story? There is an old legend that says there is a hidden treasure on the beach of Las Conchas, in La Graciosa, buried by pirates. There are those who say that there are documents and references that corroborate the story. But if you do not want to spend a day digging with a shovel, do not worry, because with no effort you will find a real jewel. The beach of La Concha is a pure paradise, with incredible views to the islets of Mountain Clara and Alegranza. It is one of the most spectacular beaches of this small island with only 700 inhabitants.

There are two villages in La Graciosa, Caleta de Sebo and Casas de Pedro Barba. Caleta de Sebo is the only point on the island where residents live during the whole year. It is a quiet village with a small port and a beach where there are always small fishing boats resting on the shore.

Casas de Pedro Barba is the other core of the island. Also located on the coast, but heading north. It is a very quiet area, with arid landscape dotted with white houses and green palms. Visiting La Graciosa is traveling around a quiet island, where peace and tranquillity take over at the same instant you step on its land.

Enjoy the best excursions in La Graciosa

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What can you do on an island where, at first sight, there seems nothing to do? La Graciosa is the ideal place to enjoy endless sporting, aquatic and land-based activities, in a unique and wild environment. Visit the island with Líneas Romero.

La Graciosa is surrounded by the largest marine reserve in Europe. Dive through its crystal waters and discover a spectacular marine world. The sea in this area will surprise you with its rich marine flora and fauna. It is a place with privileged natural conditions.

But if you do not want to dive into the sea, the surface of the island also offers activities such as hiking or cycling. La Graciosa has four geographical points: Las Agujas, La Montaña del Mojón, Montaña Amarilla and La Montaña Bermeja. The highest is 266 meters in altitude.

Take a tour walking or by bike on wide roads. Enjoy pure nature and an exceptional climate all year round. Practice sports exploring its 29 square kilometres and discover a new world, without stress, without noise, without worries… A world to enjoy. With Líneas Romero you can travel with your bike, surfboard or pet without additional cost. Don’t think about it and take action!

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