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Lineas Marítimas Romero recognizes the importance of the privacy of its users. This Privacy Policy describes the types of Personal Information we collect from our users when they use our services and to all domains registered under Lineas Marítimas Romero included applies Lineas Marítimas Romero will use personal information collected from its users (as the law and the Data Protection Act 1998). Lineas Marítimas Romero also complies with regulations 2002 (SI 2002 No.2013) of the Electronic Commerce.

Lineas Marítimas Romero requiere la recopilación y el tratamiento de datos de carácter personal, como nombres, apellidos, direcciones. Sus datos personales quedan en nuestra base de datos para ayudarnos a cambiar, cancelar o actualizar su reserva. Lineas Marítimas Romero no vende ni renta la Información Personal a otras personas físicas o morales. En todo caso, Lineas Marítimas Romero podrá compartir la información personal identificable de los Usuarios, en cualquiera de los siguientes casos:requires the collection and processing of personal data such as names, addresses. Your personal data will remain in our database to help us change, cancel or update your reservation. Lineas Marítimas Romero not sell or rent personal information to other individuals or entities. In any case, Lineas Marítimas Romero may share personally identifiable information from Users in any of the following cases:

  • Under the site's functionality, we need to provide some information such as your name, address, etc. ferry operators to process the reservation. No way we will provide other personal data
  • If required by law or by an organization with equal authority
  • With fiscal institutions to check the status and / or validity of fiscal operations
  • Lineas Marítimas Romero will not use your personal information for marketing or advertising without their consent; still, we offer our customers the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter, which can be found in

    Lineas Marítimas Romero incorporates Thawte encryption technology that allows secure transmission of information over the Internet, by encoding the transmitted data using a formula that "decodes" the data. Without proper decoder, the transmission would look like a text without any sense, which is completely useless.

    Cookies are used to improve the quality of service and to understand better how our users interact with Lineas Marítimas Romero However, this information will only be used for statistical purposes and in no case be shared with third parties.

    Lineas Marítimas Romero reserves the right to amend this privacy policy to adapt to future legislative or case law. If users have questions about the data protection Lineas Marítimas Romero and its privacy policy, you can write: Lineas Marítimas Romero Avda Virgen del Mar, 119A 35540 Isla Graciosa Lanzarote (Spain).

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